Our Story

MercenarieZ is an e-Sports organization, operated from Bangladesh.

We begun our journey in 2013 as a minor Battlefield clan. Seven years later, now we maintain multiple divisions that compete in professional e-sport tournaments.

We have players from around the world, across a variety of games, such as Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch, Apex Legends and Fifa.

MercenarieZ as an e-sports team was founded on 2013 by Abdullah "Crisisman" Al Farook. Over the next few years MercenarieZ competitively played Battlefield, DoTA2, CSGO and PUBG.

In 2017, we partnered up with Zotac, Tt eSPORTS and UCC BD. This allowed us to reorganize MercenarieZ into a professional e-sports organization. MercenarieZ begun venturing outside of Bangladeshi competitive scene and perticipate in major tournaments all across South Asia.

During the same year, mercenarieZ acquired our first Rainbow Six Siege roster. Since then MrcZ R6 division has won championship in numerous local and international tournaments, culminating in 2020 as the victors of SOUTH ASIA NATIONALS '20. Our Rainbow Six roster is also the first Bangladesh based team to perticipate in A-Tier SOUTH ASIA MAJOR 2020, finishing as the runner-up.

  • Abdullah "Crisisman" Al Farook Founder Abdullah "Crisisman" Al Farook
  • MD "VO7TAGE" Akib Admin MD "VO7TAGE" Akib
  • Mir Rifat Mahmud Adviser & Finance Controller Mir Rifat Mahmud
  • Babus Salam Turjo PR Manager Babus Salam Turjo
  • Salman Noor Member Salman Noor
  • Farabi Al-Faaz Member Farabi Al-Faaz
  • Akib Rahman Member Akib Rahman
  • Asef Ishraq Sadaf Member Asef Ishraq Sadaf